The late 70's to the mid-90's marked the birth of the Home Computing Revolution, an era full of dizzying technological innovation that laid the groundwork for the modern conveniences we currently enjoy. Younger people may take these woodgrain or beige boxes for granted, but those who've been around a while remember the steps it took us to get here.

We feel great reverence for early computing and home gaming roots, and NEON’s interactive console museum pays homage to them with immersive time capsule vignettes featuring hardware and vintage decor from 1972 up to the 1990s. They may seem like simpler times from where we stand now, but at the time, this tech was absolutely cutting-edge.

Get hands-on experience with not only the retro gaming consoles and computers that you know and love, but also some extremely rare and strange entries into home video gaming history that you might not even know existed. 

NEON allows you to dive into the dawn of video gaming revolution with the Magnavox Odyssey, Intellivision, Vectrex, and the various flavors of the Atari 2600, and continue your journey through the digital worlds that shaped us right into the bloody trenches of the 16 bit console wars. 

Those that attended NEON 2018 commented that the interactive console collection was the most impressive ever seen at an event.   We agree, and intend to set the bar even higher in 2020. 

"We feel great reverence for early computing and home gaming roots, and we're paying homage to them at NEON with highly immersive time capsule setups featuring hardware from the late 1970s right up to the 1990s."

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