NEON Policies

  • Badges must be VISIBLE and worn AT ALL TIMES. Badges cannot be replaced, so please be careful not to lose yours!
  • Unfortunately NO REFUNDS are available for badges purchased, however we can transfer your badge to another registrant for a $5.00 processing fee until Friday August 21st.
  • Absolutely NO stealing.
  • There will be many professional photographers and media outlets represented at NEON, as well as in-house camera crews. By entering the event, you acknowledge that you may be photographed and/or video recorded.
  • Before photographing strangers or artistic works at the event, be sure to obtain permission from the individual or the artist.
  • Absolutely NO food or drinks are permitted near any electronics, including arcade games, video game consoles, or retro tech exhibits of any kind.
  • NEON Staff and Crowne Plaza Staff reserve the right to have any person(s) removed from the event should the need arise. Any decision made will be absolutely final.
  • You are expected to abide by local State and City Laws of Rhode Island and the City of Warwick.
  • All are welcome at NEON. If you choose to harass another individual verbally or physically, it might result in action from NEON staff, venue staff, or even police authority and your removal from the premises. Please report such instances to NEON staff members or the registration booth.
  • The most important rule: Be Excellent to Each Other

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