Future Holotape


Coming all the way from the opposite coast: epic Synthwave/Synthpop duo Ernest Mancia and Julie Chang--better known as Future Holotape--has joined the NEON lineup!  Analog Renegades was a keystone release for the retrosynth scene in 2014, and the pair hasn't stopped since, following that massive album with the Outrun-fueled Terra District 1 in 2017. 

Don't miss them when they take the stage with full analog gear and kick-ass drum machine on Sunday, August 26th at NEON!

"Future Holotape is LA's Synthwave, Retrowave, Synth-pop duo consisting of two synth members! Ernest and Julie got together as artists in 2012 to write some synth heavy music and get into performing live for all these wonderful synth lovers. Their performances consist of all analog/VA synths and our beloved drum machine."

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