Mecha Maiko

“'I actually think of Mecha Maiko as a tragic figure: a cybernetic being who possesses immense power, but who will never fully realize what she trains to be, never aging or dying — a permanent spectacle — making that power all the more volatile,” she continued. “Kinda like a cyberpunk Claudia [the child vampire played by Kirsten Dunst] from Interview With The Vampire.”

Through Mecha Maiko, Stewart exercises a kind-of soft power. If we want to be punny, we could say a “mad but soft power.” Each of the record’s 10 songs packs a massive blast of seismic activity hidden in a shroud of composure. The brutality of the mecha is delivered in the enigmatic serenity and impeccable manners of the maiko.

Because she’s solo, Stewart has more freedom to experiment with composition and subject matter. Although she’s often associated with the synthwave scene — through Dead Astronauts or her guest work for artists such as Perturbator — Stewart uses her Mecha Maiko identity as a means to reach further, infusing her synthwave roots with a steady stream of influences that include Caribou, Jamie xx, and others." 



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