This is mood music for reclining on the hood of your speeder, blowing smoke from the barrel of your blaster after plugging an extraterrestrial beastie full of holes. Mellow Daft Punk abound in the songs’ steady rhythms and Moroder-like synths, keeping things relaxed but never boring. Variety is the spice of life (although not for the aforementioned beastie). Ten describes this as “an impressive experimental retro electro album.” The smooth sounds make Nocturn great for relaxing, planet-side. Just pack a laser gun. 

Station Nova follows in the footsteps of ’70s space disco acts like Zodiac and Space, but updates the old star charts for the synthwave era. The Stockholm-based artist starts his songs on terrestrial dance floors, but they quickly launch into the cosmos. Rhythms are loose and funky, sci-fi synths blink in time with the beats, dotting the songs like constellations. Call it dance music for space stations.  - Bandcamp Daily

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