Our Covid19 Stance

Current Update: April 27, 2020

With the Coronavirus still an issue worldwide for both travel and event attendance, we are still taking it day-by-day when it comes to our current date for NEON in August.   As of right now, we are staying on track and being optimistic that the end of August will be workable for the show to go on, based on the improving outlook.   This could change at any time, and is dependent on the rules regarding both a state of emergency order, and the allowance or prohibition of events in our area in August.

However, if we can't hit the late August date, we will postpone to a new date, instead of cancelling outright.  NEON will happen.  It will just be a matter of when.  

Regarding ticket refunds: If the date goes on as planned, or if we postpone to a new date and for whatever reason you legally cannot attend NEON due to restrictions in your state or country in place at that time, we will be happy to provide a refund of your presale ticket price.  

We are also working out a cool solution for a virtual NEON experience and ticketing for people who can't attend, or would prefer to do so online. More on that soon.

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