Robert Bohl

Robert Bohl is an indie RPG designer living in Manhattan, NY, United Oligarchies of America. He writes games about oppression and rebellion. His games feature clear procedures, egalitarian rules that focus on the human experience we have together when we roleplay, and structuring focus and session activities to ensure everyone's participating and coming up with great shit. He also strongly believes in games with the courage to have endings built in, and which take on the dominant power structure we live with.
He's been a game designer since he started playing RPGs, the way we all are, but he became part of the design community during the heyday of The Forge, and shortly thereafter, a publisher. His game, Misspent Youth, was featured on season 4 of Wil Wheaton's TableTop and an actual play recording was recently featured at the Friends at the Table podcast.
Rob's next game is Demihumans, a hack of Apocalypse World where the apocalypse is the death of everything and everyone magical and inhuman. Rob is planning to Kickstarter it next year.

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