Rob Shields

Rob Shields is a multimedia artist and independent game developer currently working on Neon Wasteland an interactive augmented reality comic book and mixed reality enabled video game set in a dystopian pop punk future. The comic first appear in Heavy Metal magazine issue 289 (Spring 2018) along with the Heavy Metal AR app which Rob developed independently for the magazine. The Neon Wasteland game prototype has been nominated for several awards including the 2017 Bit Award for best style. When not working on his own project Rob works as an illustrator, animator, concept artist and app developer for the entertainment industry. He specializes in augmented reality app development and game development with an emphasis on interactive story telling. His aesthetics are inspired by 1980s Japanese cyberpunk, 80s and 90s brain freeze, graffiti, video games, comic books, augmented reality, and everyone's best friend, the Internet.



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